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Domaine de la Perrée

    Wine knowledge has been in our family from one generation to the next for 4 generations. Our wines are the result of a very patient dedicated work, and above all due to passion. We are eager to share the love of vine by offering you wine tastings. Book now Whit Sunday holidays for the “Vigneron Independent” picnic, our opening cellars days and the 100th ANNIVERSARY OF THE ESTATE! During those days, you will be free to taste different wines we produce. You will enjoy many activities and try local products.

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Simply put

  • Animals allow
  • Home Bike
    Home Bike
  • Home Cycling site of visit and leisure
    Home Cycling site of visit and leisure
  • Vignobles et Découvertes
    Vignobles et Découvertes
  • Vignoble de Loire (Interloire)
    Vignoble de Loire (Interloire)
  • Vigneron Indépendant
    Vigneron Indépendant
  • La Loire à Vélo
    La Loire à Vélo



La Perrée, 829 Route de la Pelouse, 37140, SAINT-NICOLAS-DE-BOURGUEIL

Phone number

06 43 54 30 44

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