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Scooter 125 CC by the day - 1 or 2 people

1 125cc scooter delivered to your accommodation within a 15km radius of Tours.

To drive a 125cc scooter, you must meet the following conditions:
hold a driving licence issued before 1980,
or a B licence held for at least two years and have completed a compulsory 7-hour training course at a driving school.

These provisions apply regardless of the date on which the B licence was obtained, unless the holder was insured to drive a 125cc or motor tricycle for any period between 1 January 2006 and 31 December 2010. Proof of having driven these vehicles will be provided by means of a certificate issued by your insurer, which you should keep with you at all times (you will be asked for it in the event of a police check, to justify your right to drive). The same applies to those who have taken the 7-hour training course. No mention will appear on your licence.

Delivery can be made on request to the service provider, at extra cost.

Price include

  • Scooter with unlimited mileage and insurance included - hire for 1 day.
  • Helmet and gloves provided.
  • Road book.
  • Pick-up at Tours Tourist Office and transfer to rental location.

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Simply put

  • PMR Access




Phone number

06 52 47 60 12