Château de Montsoreau

The only Château on the Loire to be built on the riverbed, Château de Montsoreau was built in 1450 by Jean II de Chambes, a close adviser to King Charles VII. Its history has been marked by the lives of many famous people, including Mary Stuart, Anne of Brittany, Claude of France and François I. Its avant-garde architecture has always inspired artists from Rodin to Turner, Flaubert and Alexandre Dumas. Transformed into a museum of contemporary art and inaugurated in April 2016, the Château de Montsoreau is a new venue that offers, two hours from Paris, in the Loire Valley, a World Heritage Site, and over 2,000m2, a journey through its permanent collection, considered to be the most important collection of Conceptual Art in the world.

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Passage du Marquis, Passage de Geoffre, 49730, MONTSOREAU

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