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Boucle vélo de la Métropole de Tours n°9 : Des bords du Cher aux bords de Loire

    Head for the Parc Honoré de Balzac island in the heart of the town. A place of relaxation and nature, where you can enjoy the view over the Cher and admire the vines planted in 2015.
    Continue along the banks of the Cher by following the Cœur de France à vélo - Val de Cher route.
    Take a look across the river and you'll see the towns of Véretz and Larçay.
    Pass the Château de la Bourdaisière and its large park, then cycle through the vineyards to the centre of Montlouis.
    From Montlouis, follow the Loire à Vélo itinerary, passing by the Île de la Métairie, a sensitive natural area. Admire the view over Rochecorbon and the finish in Tours, with Saint-Gatien cathedral in the distance.

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