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Boucle vélo de la Métropole de Tours n°8 : Saint-Cyr-Sur-Loire, la vallée de la Choisille

    Escape for an 8km stroll through town and country.
    Designed in the 19th century, the 5-hectare Parc de la Pérraudière is the largest in the town. Enjoy breathtaking views over the valley of the royal river: the Loire.
    Continue through the narrow streets of Saint-Cyr-Sur-Loire to reach the Choisille valley, where you'll be charmed by its peaceful lanes and middle-class houses. The tranquillity of this sensitive natural area encourages exceptional biodiversity.
    The Quai des Maisons Blanches is the starting and finishing point of the walk.
    Until the 19th century, the Maisons Blanches port area was the focus of all economic activity on the river.

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