Picnic on the grass

As soon as the summer weather arrives, we all want to enjoy the sunshine and gather together around a hearty picnic. At the water’s edge, at the foot of a castle, in the town, at the world’s end... Just a few suggestions of grassy places to lay down your picnic blanket.

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    In Tours

    The ’île Simon, located on the Loire river, opposite the school of humanities, this wooded island in the heart of Tours boasts several beaches where you can bask in the sunshine. You can admire the terns (but don’t disturb them!), these iconic Loire birds lay their eggs on the sand banks in the middle of the river.

    Botanical garden it’s a delight for all ages, with its magnificent trees, its tropical earth, its streams and pools running through the animal enclosures. The best spot is the bench facing the pink flamingos, hidden from view, to enjoy a picnic and disconnect from the urban hubbub.

    Jardin des Prébendes: This is one of the largest gardens in downtown Tours. Classified as a Jardin Remarquable, it also bears the signature of a landscape architect of European renown, Eugène Bühler.

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    At Joué-lès-Tours

    The Parc des Bretonnières, with its lake at the foot of the Château des Bretonnières, has everything you could wish for: large expanses of grass, forest, picnic tables and fun activities (treetop adventure activities, children’s games, nautical base, beach volley pitch). Perfect for a family day out!

    At Saint-Cyr-Sur-Loire

    The Parc de la Perraudière, created in the late 19th century on the hills of Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire, is a landscaped park of 5 hectares, a former property of the archbishops of Tours, and offers a panoramic view of the Loire river and the city of Tours.

  • At Larçay

    The Larçay forest once belonged to Paul Louis Courrier. Its 200 hectares offer walkers an ideal setting for an afternoon in the heart of nature, watching deer in the wild, enjoy a picnic in the heart of the forest or try your hand at orienteering.

    At La-Ville-Aux-Dames

    The île de la Métairie, formerly a cattle grazing pasture for the breeders and farmers of La-Ville-Aux-Dames, is natural area that’s perfect for a walk or for a bite to eat at a picnic table or on the beach. It looks out on the Rochecorbon hillside, the troglodytic dwellings and the unspoiled Loire.

    At Berthenay

    The peninsula at the “World’s End” 20 minutes away from Tours, between Berthenay and Savonnières, the beaches of the peninsula are spread out between the Loire and Cher rivers. An unspoiled location guaranteed!

    At Monts

    The Domaine de Candé, celebrated for having hosted the wedding of the Duke of Windsor to the “commoner” Wallis Simpson, this estate invites visitors to stroll around and contemplate the views. An ideal location for a picnic in the castle grounds beneath the shade of a hundred-year-old tree, with an unobstructed view over the Indre valley.

  • Domaine de Candé

    Domaine de Candé