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Tours, the division of a pilgrimage town in the 13th century

Rediscover Tours guided by Mahaut, the intrepid daughter of a Crusader militiaman. Embodied by your tour guide in period battle dress, explore together a city with a rich past.

Soak up Tours' dual identity, with the bishop reigning over his cathedral to the east and the spiritual and economic blossoming of Martinopole to the west. As the bells ring out, feel the dust of the streets and the energy of the pilgrims converging on the sacred relics of Saint Martin.

Discover how money, faith and steel wove together the fabric of this vibrant era. Mahaut breaks the shackles of medieval stereotypes about the role of women while fiercely protecting her city's treasures. Join her as she wields the sword of knowledge through the medieval streets of Tours!

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